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About us

Hi, I'm Kevin, a.k.a. eclothguy.  


I'm a teacher by day (okay, and by night, by weekend, etc), and a whole lot of other things:  a dad of four awesome kids, a husband to an incredible wife, and active in my community.  


A few years ago, I took a year off work to be with my kids when my wife returned to her job (between kids 3 and 4! :)  During that year, I took a look at an MLM network supported home cleaning supplies to help make ends meet.  As I got involved, I found the web design and e-commerce a good support for professional development (I teach computers and business, among other things).  


As the product climbed in price and pushed web developers out in favour of aggressive home party selling, I was introduced to e-cloth ®.  While I loved Norwex as a product, I just could no longer justify selling it for the prices I had to charge.  e-cloth ® was just as great (and even better) than Norwex, and I could suddenly sell without the embarrassing price tag.  Couple that with a company that is mission focused - the e-cloth ® North American distributor is a 'cut above' when it comes to business practice, ethics, and integrity.  


So, here I am, a dad, teacher, husband, encouraging you to discover e-cloth ®!  It's revolutionized our household and personal cleaning, and I'm confident it will do the same for you!!!


Let me help you start cleaning environmentally...

Like you, I care about the earth.

Like you, I like to save money.

Like you, I want to keep my home safe.

I've tried and even sold/represented other environmental cleaning products.


Why e-cloth ® guy?

  • because we know that every day cleaning should be safe, easy, and affordable,
    NOT harmful, toxic, or expensive.

  • because e-cloth ® is safe, easy, and affordable.


Join me in my chemical free journey.
Start with ecloth!