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Care for your body naturally without harmful chemicals.
e-cloth ® technology replaces harsh soaps and chemicals
with fibers that are both gentle,
and reach far down around and into your pores
for a thorough cleanse.  
Most cloths and pads only graze the surface of your skin.  
e-body ® fabrics give you a deep down clean with just a little soap and our favourite cleaner:  water.
Amazing quality at home that you'll only find elsewhere at the spa!
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Exfoliating Body Mitt - eBody® by eCloth®

Stimulates and tones the skin...


Eye Cleansing Pad - eBody® by eCloth®

Pad easily and gently removes eye make-up and mascara.

Face and Body Care Set

Everything you need to get started for personal care....

Face Cleansing Mitt - eBody® by eCloth®

Quickly and gently removes all make-up and lotions from the face and neck.

Hair Turban - eBody® by eCloth®

Absorbs 4 times more water than cotton, at twice the speed.

Luxury Bath Towel - eBody®: by eCloth®

An invigorating dry out of your bath or shower.

Sports & Travel Towel - eBody® by eCloth®

Compact and lightweight with super fast absorption.