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Floors - we beat them mercilessly.
Spills, mud, dirt, food... all get thrown on the floor.


Lugging a bucket of dirty water ,
and wiping and spreading dirt around
are a thing of the past.
(along with the environmental scourge
of the disposable mop head!)


Clean with ecloth ® - the best microfiber mop, quickly and simply,
then rinse and launder the mop head
at a price that makes purchasing an ecloth ® mop
almost as fun as using one.

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Basic Cleaning Set by ecloth®

Savings - Basic.  Basically awesome.

Was: $91.93
Now: $69.99
Deep Clean Mop

Mopping floors has become fun... (no, really!)...


Deep Clean Mop Head (Wet)

two heads are better than one....


Deep Clean Mop Head (Dry)

Dust and dirt didn't stand a chance...


Floor Cleaning Set by ecloth®

Hit the Floor!  ecloth ® style

Was: $81.96
Now: $59.99
Real Simple Set by ecloth®

Great Savings Together.  Real Simple.

Was: $111.91
Now: $79.99