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Your kitchen - it's that place in the house that
you just want and need to look and feel spotless.


ecloth ® specialized cleaning cloths for stainless steel, range,
dishes, shiny surfaces, glassware, granite countertops all
make your hub of entertainment and food activity
free of bacteria and environmentally sparkling clean....

You can feel good about that!!

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This wand reaches everywhere!

This item is out of stock
Cleaning Pad

Mops up big spills!


Deep Clean Mop

Mopping floors has become fun... (no, really!)...


Kitchen Cloth

Your kitchen has been waiting for this perfect cloth...


Kitchen Dynamo

Extra long fibers clean hard-to-reach areas under faucets and into corners


Kitchen Cloth by ecloth

A two cloth pack designed especially for your kitchen...


Kitchen Starter Set

Everything you need to get started in your kitchen...


Was: $65.92
Now: $49.99

Scrape and scour your pots, pans, veggies, - no scratches (tough, but gentle at the same time!)



Scrub your non-stick (and all other) surfaces without scratching!

Range & Stovetop Cloth

Baked on grime doesn't have to be forever....


Range & Stovetop Pack

Stovetop not getting clean?  Before you purchase those harsh chemicals....

Stainless Steel Cloth

Dual sided for your stainless variations...

Stainless Steel Pack

Stainless appliances used to be an oxymoron!!!......


Replacement Sponge (1)



Replacement Sponges (3)



Replacement Sponges (5)


Universal Stone & Ecloth Set

An unbeatable team!
Natural, non-toxic!


Universal Stone with applicator

Cleans, polishes and preserves all in one step.
Natural, non-toxic!



Great addition to the kitchen.  If you love our t-towels, you will love this addition to the kitchen.

Note:  one of the only bleachable ecloth products!

Washing Up Pad

Scrub your non-stick (and all other) surfaces without scratching!