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Kudos for ecloth

e-cloth ® is great, and the kudos below will share others' experiences.


"Got my box full of e-cloth's today and I am in LOVE!! Spent my afternoon cleaning and managed to do my entire home in an hour less time... now I can't wait to clean again... what's wrong with me?? ha ha ha - thanks again e-cloth guy!" - LVW


Lisa Russo (fine art photographer and blogger extraordinaire)  sends some pretty high praise for ecloth our way.    From her blog:  "There are so many things in life that you think you don’t need at all, until you have them…then you cannot possibly imagine life without them... Well guess what? A brand of cleaning products has joined those ranks. I’ve been working on this post for some time now, but wanted to make sure I still loved these 6-8 months later and not just when they were new. If anything, I love them more."  

Her minimum recommendations?  The Bathroom Cleaning Cloth, (If you get one of these to try you can use it in the bathroom and the kitchen), the Window Cleaning Pack (comes with the window cloth + a polishing cloth), if you have tile or hardwood floors, the Deep Clean Mop is a splurge but will replace everything else you have, and if you have stainless, the Stainless Steel Cloth OR  you can pick up one of their discounted home cleaning sets.

Thanks, Lisa for the many kind words!!!  You made our day!



Green Spa Sonoma (a Renaissance Lodge) gives e-cloth® a trial run with great success.  Using e-cloth ® cut down on workload, got rid of chemical smells, made for a healthier environment for staff and clients, and savings of over $400 a month!!!  Staff at the spa were so surprised and overwhelmed with the results, they purchased e-cloth ® for their own homes.
For a full report of the independent trial test, including which products they used and other details, see the Green Spa Network.


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"I have been using e-cloth products for a few years and I love them for many reasons. When my kids were young I began to think about the chemicals in all those cleaners I was using on my floors, counters and sinks. 

That was when I discovered Norwex cloths. Cleaning with only water is easy, cheap, and environmentally friendly. The big drawback to Norwex was the cost. E-cloth is much less expensive but I have found that the quality is the same, if not better. My favourites are the window cleaning cloths. They actually clean windows and mirrors streak-free with just a spray of water. No more piles of paper towels and bottles of Windex, pretty amazing!" - JW


"Having tried Norwex and thinking through the expense involved I was eager to try e-cloth, which proved to be a more affordable and effective alternative to the silver-embedded and silver-priced Norwex cloths. I was especially impressed with how well e-cloths work in cleaning windows. As someone who cleans a lot of car windows I am always looking for an economical, simple, and effective way to get a streak-free shine. E-cloth is the best solution I've found so far. The sun shines through, and no streaks...." - GB (an e-cloth ® convert!!)


"It may be just me but I think my shiny things are shinier... (after switching to e-cloth) probably because there is no residue." - HBN


Real Simple Magazine reviews e-cloth products in its cleaning products road test.... (full coverage)


BEST SCRUBBER: Curved nicely to fit in the hand, it pairs a gentle abrasive side with a microfiber surface for wiping.


BEST ALL-AROUND:  You might assume that all microfiber is created equal. Not so. This winner delivers impressively on the three promises of the category: to serve as a magnet for dust, to clean and shine with plain water (although it’s fine to use a solution if you prefer), and to stand up to the washing machine. E-cloths are guaranteed to last through 300 washes—just don’t use dryer sheets, bleach, or fabric softeners, because they’re kryptonite to microfiber. Testers loved the purple general-purpose cloth but couldn’t resist the color-coded variants: stiffer or softer options for stainless steel, glass, and cooktops.


BEST WASHABLE MOP: With a large, smooth-swirling 360-degree head and an extra-long telescoping pole, this tool makes mopping a Fred Astaire moment.  Effective with plain water or your favorite solution.  Toss the microfiber head in the washer and dryer when done.

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