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Why and How e-cloth Works

Are you ready to take the step toward freeing your home of cleaning chemicals and disposable cleaning products?  Currently, most homes in North America are filled with various types of cleaning products that do not list their ingredients, but in fact, contain chemicals that are hazardous to your health.  These chemicals affect all of us, especially those who use them on a regular basis, those with chemical sensitivities, and allergy sufferers.  

Many of us are also locked in to a disposable culture, where paper towels, disposable mops, throwaway cloths, and loss-leader products have become common place in our cleaning routine, sucking the life out of your wallet, and introducing gimics and gizmos to a straight-forward task..  


There is a better way, and it WORKS!


The word "microfiber" is a general term used to describe a wide variety of materials fabricated using ultra-fine fibers. There are many different grades of microfiber, and they vary considerably in quality. Lower quality cloths have significantly reduced cleaning capability, absorbency and durability and cannot be washed at high temperatures. Some still require chemicals. In fact, many other manufacturers sell microfiber cloths with their own branded cleaning liquids.


e-cloth ® offers one of the highest quality microfibers on the market today. This quality, together with the shape given to each fiber to maximise cleaning power and absorbency, is what makes it the perfect cleaning product. The natural cleaning effect of e-cloth ® microfiber means that only water is needed to clean all hard surfaces.


ecloths leave surfaces clean with no chemical residue, while ordinary cloth fibers push dirt around, and leave chemical cleaner residue


Unlike conventional fiber or cotton cloths, e-cloth ® fibers lift grease, dust and dirt particles from the surface and then trap and hold them within the strands. Rated in denier (the unit for measuring fineness of fabric) a strand of cotton has a rating of 200. A human hair has a denier of 20 and a strand of silk has a denier of 8.  The average microfiber has a denier of 1.0.  e-cloth ® microfiber has a denier of 0.13.


The secret is in the fabric of the cloth itself. Each e-cloth ® fiber is 1/200th the width of a human hair. This gives an e-cloth ® an extraordinary 500 million strands per cloth, or 480,000 strands for every square centimetre of the cloth's surface. Each fibre attracts dirt by way of capillary action, and together with the "wedge‟ shape of each individual strand, this gives the cloth its remarkable cleaning capability. It really is perfect cleaning with just water!


The Research backs e-cloth ®

Silliker is the leading internationally accredited provider of food safety, quality and nutrition services with locations in 16 countries. Silliker clients include Kraft Foods, Kelloggs, McDonalds and Carrefour. e-cloth ® commissioned the Silliker Group to conduct detailed microbiological research studies to validate the effectiveness of using e-cloth® and water
on the removal of common bacteria.


**Silliker's Interpretation of e-cloth ® Research Study Results:

  • Using only water, e-cloth ® removes over 99% of common bacteria, including E-coli and Listeria.
  • e-cloth ® locks bacteria away inside the cloth's special fibers, where it stays until the cloths are rinsed. After a rinse-through with warm water, e-cloth ® re-introduced just 0.01% of bacteria back onto a sterile surface.


These results further enhance e-cloth's ® already unrivaled reputation for water-based cleaning. Chemicals are not needed to remove thick grease, dirt, and bacteria from all around the home. With just water and a cloth, surfaces are left sparkling and free of streaks and lint.


In 2005, Royal Roads University researched the effectiveness of microfiber cleaning as compared with cleaning with cotton and chemicals.  Not surprisingly, microfiber came out on top:


Cloths Bacteria Removal
Microfiber cloth & Water 99.4%
Cotton cloth & Lysol 92.78%
Cotton cloth & Bleach 99.0%
Microfiber mop & Water 99.62%
Cotton mop & Chemical 91.89%


Stop your reliance on cotton and chemicals.
Start with ecloth.

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